Beleura Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Day Rehabilitation Team

We provide a number of outpatient day rehabilitation programs designed to assist you in optimising your functional recovery and independence. Our mission is to provide an expert multidisciplinary team environment where you can achieve your rehabilitation goals. We use the latest evidence based practice and quality care, to achieve the optimal outcomes for our program participants in a friendly, supportive environment.

Depending on your goals and needs, you may work with team members from the following areas who work in the Day Rehabilitation team.

A physician will oversee your rehabilitation program and monitor your progress in conjunction with other team members.

The physiotherapists will assist you in improving your function and reaching your rehabilitation goals. Physiotherapists use many techniques including manual therapy, exercise prescription, electrotherapy, education and advice to help facilitate recovery and maximise your potential.

The primary focus of our exercise physiologists is to prescribe exercise to assist you in reaching your goals as well as to assist and educate you on managing your future health independently. This may involve advice and education on lifestyle and behavioural change as well as the development of a home exercise program.

Many of our professional and allied health staff including physiotherapists and exercise physiologists are trained in water exercise, also known as hydrotherapy or aqua therapy. At Beleura Private Hospital we are fortunate to have a warm hydrotherapy pool which is perfect for therapeutic exercise. The warm temperature and the natural buoyancy properties of water assist in your rehabilitation.

Our Occupational Therapists support you to participate in everyday activities and create an individual program to enable you to safely return to your previous lifestyle. Everyday activities, or ‘’occupations’’, can include things such as taking care of yourself or others, domestic tasks, community activities and participating in hobbies or social events.

Our Occupational Therapists focus on what occupations are important to you, any current issues you may have in doing them, and then work with you to ensure you can participate in them.

Your program may consist of individual or group sessions and could include educational or practical skills.

The Allied Health Assistants (AHAs) work closely with the therapists and professional rehabilitation team to supervise and assist with individual and group therapy sessions, including in the hydrotherapy pool.