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Day Oncology Unit and Infusion Service

The Beleura Private Day Oncology Unit and Infusion Service specialises in the care and support of patients receiving day medical therapy (usually by IV infusion), often used for the treatment or management of chronic illness and cancer.

The Beleura Private Day Oncology Unit and Infusion Service offers patients the convenience of local day treatment service on the Mornington Peninsula, delivered in a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere, taking some of the anxiety and inconvenience away of receiving treatment, and enabling patients and their families to continue with their lives during their treatment period.

The Day Oncology Unit is a purpose designed unit, offering bright and spacious modern treatment areas. The room is bathed in natural light and features spacious yet discrete treatment bays, integrated décor, comfortable reclining electric treatment chairs, access to wireless internet, Foxtel and flat TV screens.

Services available:

  • chemotherapy
  • haematological treatments
  • iron infusions
  • blood transfusions
  • specialist drug infusions
  • Please note that this service requires referral by your GP or specialist

Day Oncology Unit and Infusion Service:

Tel: 03 5976 0826/ 5976 0207
Bookings: All bookings are made through the Day Oncology and Infusion Unit: TEL 03 5976 0826/ 03 5976 0207
Manager: Erin Ganey TEL: 03 5976 0826

Oncology Inpatient Unit

Manager: Virginia McLeod TEL: 03 5976 0835

Our compassionate team of oncologists, haematologists, other medical specialists, nurses and allied health practitioners are committed to the wellbeing of their patients, to ensure they receive the very best of care, support and education.

Beleura Private Hospital takes pride in the warmth and optimism fostered by our medical and nursing team. Our team gives personal attention to each patient, assessing their current health status, educating them about their disease and the infusion drug they will be receiving, as well as possible side effects from the medication.

Our staff also ensures that patients meet all discharge criteria and have appropriate home-supports in place before they are discharged from our service.

In most cases, chemotherapy will be administered as a day patient in our day Oncology unit. The trained nurses in our Oncology unit work alongside your oncologist to administer the treatment, providing specialised care, support and expertise.

After you see your oncologist, your treatment will be booked to take place in the Day Oncology Unit. We encourage you to attend a pre-treatment education session a few days before your chemotherapy starts to allow you to familiarise yourself with the unit and some of our staff. Your treatment will be explained, including how it is administered, how long the treatment will take, and how you should manage potential side-effects of the therapy. It will help you understand the process and reduce some of your anxiety. At this time, we suggest you:

  • Make a list of your questions.

  • Bring a family member or supportive friend. This person can help you understand what the doctor or nurse says and talk with you about it after the visit is over.

  • Ask all your questions. There is no such thing as a stupid question. If you do not understand an answer, keep asking until you do.

  • Take notes.

  • Ask for printed information about your type of cancer and chemotherapy.

  • Let your nurse know how much information you want to know, when you want to learn it, and when you have learned enough. Some people want to learn everything they can about cancer and its treatment. Others only want a little information. The choice is yours.

  • Find out how to contact your doctor or nurse in an emergency. This includes who to call and where to go.

When you arrive at the Day Oncology unit, one of the oncology nurses will meet you. You will be seated on a specially designed recliner chair to allow you to be as comfortable as possible during treatment. After checking your blood test results, the nurse will ask you some questions about any medical problems you have, and particularly any side-effects of the treatment you are receiving. She will then check your weight, your pulse rate and blood pressure, and insert an intravenous line. Saline will be administered through the line until the chemotherapy is ready. The time you will need to spend receiving treatment in the Unit will depend on the type of infusion you will be receiving.

Every person experiences chemotherapy differently, both physically and emotionally. Each person experiences side effects from chemotherapy differently, and different chemotherapy drugs cause different side effects. Fortunately, as the science of cancer treatment has advanced, so has the science of managing treatment side effects. Whatever you experience, remember there is no relationship between how the chemotherapy makes you feel and whether you derive benefit from it.

Many people feel fine for the first few hours following chemotherapy. Usually, some reaction occurs about four to six hours later. However, some people don't react until 12 or even 24 to 48 hours after treatment. Some people experience almost all of the side effects described below, while others experience almost none. You will be given a set of medications to take home with you to minimise the side-effects of therapy. These will include medications you need to take throughout your entire treatment course, some you need to take for a few days after therapy, and some you have only if side-effects occur. Both the chemotherapy nurse and the pharmacist will give you verbal and written explanations for all of these medications.

We have many treatments to help you deal with side effects. Please let us know how you are feeling, so that we can address your concerns and help make you more comfortable. Your well-being is very important to us.

Chemotherapy usually has an effect on the bone marrow, which produces all the blood cells. During the course of your therapy, your white blood cell count will fall, making you more susceptible to infections. Less commonly, your red blood cell count may fall, making you anaemic. To monitor these changes, you will need to have frequent blood tests, particularly on the day prior to each administration of chemotherapy. It is not safe to administer further chemotherapy if your white cell count has not recovered, so treatment may need to occasionally be delayed, or dosages reduced.

Certain drugs have effects on other organs, such as the kidneys, liver, and heart. Regular blood tests will also monitor kidney and liver function. Echocardiography is used to monitor heart function, and is usually done prior to commencing certain types of chemotherapy, and at regular intervals throughout.

Ample free parking is available onsite for patients, accessed via the hospital entrance on Nepean Hwy.

If you have any concerns or issues upon your return home from treatment, contact your doctor or our Hospital Coordinator on 03 5976 0888

We ask that patients do not bring valuables or large amounts of money with them to the hospital.

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Wed & Thur 10am – 2pm
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For bookings, please contact the Pre-Admission Officer on 03 5976 0805 between 9:00am - 5:00pm, Monday to Friday.

Dr Emma BeardsleyDr Emma Beardsley

Specialised interests: genitourinary, lung and gastro-intestinal malignancies.

Dr Emma Beardsley is committed to providing personalised patient care. She believes strongly in effective communication being vital to educate and empower patients and their families. Emma is an active member in multidisciplinary teams to improve patient outcomes.

Emma is a Monash University medical graduate. She obtained her fellowship of the Royal Australasian College of Physicians after the completion of Oncology Training at Geelong, Western and Frankston Hospitals and Peter MacCallum Cancer Centre.

In Canada, Emma completed a clinical research fellowship at The British Columbia Cancer Agency as a member of the internationally recognized Genitourinary Cancer team.

Emma is a member of the Medical Oncology Group of Australia, the American Society of Clinical Oncology, the European Society of Medical Oncology, the Australian-Canadian Prostate Cancer Research Alliance and the Australian and New Zealand Urogenital and Prostate (ANZUP) Cancer Trials Group.

Emma also holds an appointment as a Medical Oncologist at Frankston Hospital and currently holds the E.J.Whitten Fellowship working in translational studies in prostate cancer at Monash University.

Beleura Private Hospital
925 Nepean Hwy
Tel: 03 5970 5225
Fax: 03 5970 5229


Dr Sujoy MitraDr Sujoy Mitra

Specialised interests: colorectal, prostate, lymphoma

Dr Sujoy Mitra is an Australian trained oncologist with over 15 years of clinical experience in private practice. Graduating with honours from the University of Sydney in 1990, he received his Fellowship in 1997 following advanced training at The Prince of Wales and St George hospitals in Sydney prior to moving to the Mornington Peninsula in 1998 where he has been practicing ever since.

Dr Mitra practices both in Medical Oncology & Clinical Haematology (benign & malignant), treating all malignancies (excluding acute leukaemia).

Dr Mitra welcomes new referrals. His entire private practice is focussed on servicing the needs of the communities of the Mornington Peninsula. With his private rooms located at Beleura Private Hospital in Mornington, he is easily accessible, with new patients able to be seen within 24-48 hours of referral. He is also accredited at Peninsula Private Hospital in Frankston.

Consulting Suites, Beleura Private Hospital
925 Nepean Highway
Tel: 03 5976 0846

Welcome to the Beleura Private Day Infusion Unit
Welcome to the Beleura Private Day Infusion Unit

The Day Infusion Unit is a spacious new purpose designed facility located within Beleura Private Hospital
The Day Infusion Unit is a spacious new purpose designed facility located within Beleura Private Hospital.

The Day Infusion courtyard
The Day Infusion courtyard