Beleura Private Hospital
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Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery

Beleura Private Hospital offers the latest technology in Plastic and Reconstructive surgery with the new PROvido Multidisciplinary Surgical Microscope.

In the Operating Theatre optimal outcomes rely on the surgeon having the best view of the surgical site at all times. That is why Leica Microsystems have created the PROvido next generation multidisciplinary microsurgery microscope. PROvido with premium FusionOptics technology enables surgeons to see more in one fully focused view so they can seamlessly progress through your surgery.

Benefits of PROvido with FusionOptics

Always focused on the patient

Avoid constantly interrupting surgery to refocus thanks to FusionOptics which provides a high resolution view to the bottom of deep cavities with more detail and less shadow.

The innovative light management helps protect patient’s skin and tissue

BrightCare Plus automatically optimizes light intensity relative to the working distance to minimize incidents of patient burns.

AutoIris automatically adjusts the diaphragm so that only the visible area is illuminated. This prevents the possibility of drying or burning exposed tissue outside the field of view.

Proceed without limitation

Offers the surgeon positioning flexibility and more space to work whatever the surgery. Class-leading 600 mm working distance is especially advantageous for easy maneuvering and passing long instruments.

Take control

Intuitive touch-screen control panel for fast set up of all microscope functions and storage of customized profiles.

PROvido Multidisciplinary Surgical Microscope
PROvido Multidisciplinary Surgical Microscope