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Beleura Private Hospital offers world class treatment for common urological problems!

Greenlight & Stone 'laser technologies' are now available on the Mornington Peninsula at Beleura Private Hospital. Minimally invasive procedures are now reality following the introduction of endoscopic procedures using 'laser technology' to:

  • treat obstructive urinary symptoms caused by enlargement of the prostate gland which is very common in men over the age of 60. 'Greenlight laser' prostatectomy is an alternative treatment to the traditional surgical procedure (TURP). One of the major advantages of Greenlight laser over conventional TURP is that individuals being treated with blood thinning medication can continue taking the medication as there is a significant reduction in bleeding associated with Greenlight laser procedures.
  • treat stones in the urinary tract (ureter). The procedure takes about 60 minutes & involves putting a rigid telescope into the kidney drainage tube (ureter) & fragmenting the stone with laser.

The minimally invasive nature of these endoscopic procedures makes them very suitable for patients to have short stays in hospital, usually overnight.

For more information, download the brochure.

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Beleura Private Hospital

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