Beleura Private Hospital
Part of Ramsay Health Care

Beleura Private Hospital provides a specialised treatment program for adults aged 18 years or over who are experiencing problems relating to alcohol addiction.

We provide a caring and non-judgemental environment in which patients can work on issues such as relapse prevention, building self-esteem, dealing with cravings, and learning to communicate more effectively. 

Our programs are aimed at identifying the need to drink, and counteracting that with positive reinforcement to eliminate any alcohol related health problems.

This inpatient program is strictly 28 days. If patients require admission for relapse prevention, they are usually admitted for 10-14 days.

Family members are encouraged to play an active part in the recovery process.


The Approach

Phase 1: The Medical Phase

The first phase of the program is carefully managed by qualified and experienced doctors and nursing staff. Patients are given a full medical examination and psychological assessment.

A short course of medication may be prescribed for patients to assist with any withdrawal symptoms.

Phase 2: The Recovery Phase

During this phase 2 of the program, patients engage in individual and group therapy. Exercise, diet plans and physical activities are introduced to help regain physical health and emotional wellbeing.

Phase 3: The Support Phase

In the final phase, our Mental Health team provide ongoing support and reinforcement of the program to support recovery and prevent relapse.


How to make a referral

As a patient, you will need a GP, Psychologist or Psychiatrist referral to access the Alcohol Rehabilitation program. 

GPs wishing to make a referral please call 03 5976 0840.

Once the referral is received, our intake team contact you (the patient) directly to undertake an assessment to determine eligibility for the program.


Accessing the program

We recommend potential patients verify their eligibility with their private health insurance and ensure they have the appropriate level of cover. 

General Enquiries

For all general enquiries regarding Beleura Mental Health services call 03 5974 0660.